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I recently did a creative writing piece in English about a girl who had been raped. I think that rape is probably the worse thing anyone can do to someone, because unlike murder, or mutilation, or anything else you can do - rape actually makes you feel completely worthless. Afterwards you start to believe the things your rapist said, if it’s “You’re a dirty little whore” or “You made me do this, dressing like that” it will really affect whoever is the victim. They go through months of depression, nightmares, unable to touch anyone or be touched by anyone. 

I mean, another thing about it that really disturbs me is that when people think of rape - they mostly think about women. But it’s not just women that get raped, it’s guys too. I have a friend who was molested when he was a child, from the age of 5 to the age of 10, and now if anyone touches him while he’s asleep he will literally beat the crap out of them out of instinct. Personally, I think it’s worse for boys because they think “Oh, I’m a guy, I should man up and keep this to myself because I need to be tough” which will only make it worse. 

I respect these people so much because they actually have the courage to finally be open about what happened, which will help them get past it.